The Luperon Ocean Estates administration office will be located on property.  Offering full service villa management, maintenance staff and property rental services as well as on call 24/7 concierge services for all our guests.  

We offer property management in line with the needs of the owner, weather you live on site or the occasional visitor, we maintain your home and villa rental.  

For those who engage in property management, we provide detailed electronic billing services in the form of monthly statements for every income and expense.  We provide supplies on a weekly basis or as needed for house cleaning, garden maintenance, lawn and pool care.  We also will provide and procure replacement appliances or parts that are available locally or Santo Domingo as per your needs.

Our management team has a housekeeping team and program that will allow you to sign up for the various levels of service your villa and your use require, without the worries of managing a staff and the direct responsibility for any injuries, illness, health benefits and termination rights.  We will supervise all staff including pool, gardening and other individual staff.

Even if you will be doing most of your own management, we strongly suggest the use of our services in your first year of home ownership in the Dominican Republic while you learn the Dominican laws and being an employer in a foreign country.

There are a few steps involving renting a villa or property, the list below is a general overview of our management responsibilities and commitment to renting your villa while protecting your investment.

  • Maintaining your villa in the highest level for your clients.
  • Advertising the property on our website as well as many other rental sites.
  • Managing the rental calendar.
  • Communicating with all potential clients and agents, and filtering clients.
  • Coordinating airport transfers, and extra services that might include private chef, child care and reservations or special requests.
  • We will personally greet each client and provide them orientation them with their vacation rental Villa and the surroundings
  • We will provide full service Concierge.
  • Collecting rental fees and deposit, managing check out.
  • Maintain and updated inventory of villa furnishings and any damage during a rental.
  • Ensure the clients have a perfect vacation and become long time customers.

We value your trust in our property management and take very seriously our committed level of excellence in supervising and managing your villa in the most professional and personal way.

Return on investment.

As any home owner buying for use or rental income the return on your investment is critical fact. While we can not control the market prices, we can maintain a very high level of customer service and luxury environment for your property appreciation.  The annual return are based on the following.

  •  Rental pool program offers a yield of 10% to 15% annually.
  •  An average occupancy of 80% per year
  •  Two (2) high seasons a year.