Bahia de Gracias - Luperon

Luperón is a town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. It lies in the west of Puerto Plata, one of the most beautiful areas of the Dominican Republic North Coast.  Its magnificent beach of fine white sand, lush vegitation and beautiful Luperon Bay make this a destination of uparalleled beauty.  There is an ubundance of small shops, restaurants and services for all your local needs.  

The town was formerly known as Blanco (White) or Pueblo Blanco (White Town), possibly after the many Spaniards who came to trade timber. Due to its shape and location, Luperon bay is ideal for sheltering from hurricanes, and many boats anchor there during the hurricane season.

Although there is no record of early inhabitants, it is said that Christopher Columbus had to enter the bay to protect his ships from a storm. Columbus named it “Bahia de Gracias”  (Thanksgiving Bay), the current official name.

Luperon green hills..jpg