Design leads experience


Great statement by Mark Parker.

Design as a vehicle to tell a story is a practice that the best brands deploy every day. So what is our story at LOE. LIVE THE DREAM. Our value is our design with luxury for the ultimate resort lifestyle experience. We consider that designing the customer experience is paramount in all elements of the resort. We look forward to everyone taking advantage our our design driven approach.

Hurricane Dorian - passes north of DR


The trop. Storm was upgraded Wednesday to a Cat 1 hurricane. The system has moved directly north west after passing by Puerto Rico. While the models are not clear yet the hurricane looks to pick up speed and intensity and is headed to the eastern coast of Florida by Friday and can be a cat 3 by landfall. We are thankful the storm turned north but concern about the pending impact to the Florida coast.

Trop. Storm Dorian update 3


Tropical Storm Dorian Update 3

28 August, 2019

T.S.Dorian has veered north of its original course and is now projected to strike Puerto Rico today with winds to 60 knots.  The entire island has been declared an emergency area.  Though winds are currently of tropical storm strength, the major effect to PR will be rainfall, estimated by some forecasters to be as much as 10 inches in a 6-8 hour period.

Dorian will exit Puerto Rico late today and continue west-northwestward , passing NE of Grand Turk and skirting the Bahamas.  The important thing here is that the storm looks like it will entirely miss the Dominican Republic.  There will be minor effects, beginning later today and tomorrow morning in Punta Cana and Las Galeras, but these effects will be the result of outlying bands of the storm's southern (least dangerous) quadrant.  The wind may be gusty and skies gray with periods of needed rain.

Further west along the DR north coast, effects of Dorian will lessen with distance.  By the time the storm center passes some 100-150 miles north of Puerto Plata and Luperon, impact on these areas will be minimal.  Surf will be a factor, however, and caution should be used when near the water.  It is possible that the DR government will initiate a no-use rule tomorrow , at least in Cabarete and Sosua.

The coast of the Dominican Republic from Isla Saona north past Punta Cana thence west all the way to Puerto Plata, is still under Tropical Storm Watch.  This may be discontinued by tomorrow.  As so often happens on the north shore of this country, the current tropical system, Dorian, has veered away and will have only minimal effect on our shores.




Dorian - update


Tuesday, 27 Aug., 2019

Tropical Storm Dorian has weakened slightly overnight after striking Barbados with winds gusting up to 60 knots.  At the moment, Dorian's center is located just west of the island of St. Lucia.  Central pressure has risen slightly from 1002 mb yesterday to 1005 mb today.  Winds are down to 45 knots sustained with 55 knot gusts.

All models continue to show the storm tracking WNW toward the Mona Passage between Puerto Rico and the east end of the Dominican Republic, with arrival off Punta Cana in the wee hours of Thursday morning.  By then, most forecasters agree, Dorian will have regained some strength due to lessening shear conditions and warmer waters of the eastern Caribbean Sea.  It is possible that the storm may achieve category 1 hurricane status by then, with winds of around 70 knots.

Once the storm interacts with the landmass of Hispaniola, models diverge somewhat.  What is nearly certain is that the storm, of whatever strength, will pass very close to, or directly over, the north coast.  We will definitely experience a wind and rain event, with the possibility of flooding on Thursday.  Winds will be stronger than normal, possibly reaching Tropical Storm force, as the center passes close by.

By late tomorrow, Wednesday, we may begin to experience increasing cloudiness and intermittent showers.  By dawn on Thursday, expect winds to pick up from the NE and N with rain increasing.  Dorian is a small storm (in diameter) so effects will not last very long.  By late Thursday, into Friday, skies should clear again and normal tradewinds will re-establish.

As Dorian nears Hispaniola tonight and tomorrow, conditions will become more clear and the models will settle.  The extent to which Dorian intensifies over the next 36-48 hours remains the big question.  Being a small storm, a miss to the north of 30-40 miles Thursday will see Sosua/Cabaretereceiving little more than gusty winds and significant rainfall, however a near miss or direct hit will mean strong, gusty winds and a lot of rain in a very short time.  Stay tuned!

For more information, including updates every few hours, visit  This excellent ensemble site features links to many forecast providers with excellent graphics and discussions,. 

Regards, WeatherWolf

Tropical storm Dorian


Storm Update: Monday August 26,2019. Dorian is still a tropical storm and will cross windward islands tomorrow. There is a lot of dry air preventing major development, The storm is predicted to become a cat. 1 hurricane late Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday will see Dorian passing close to DR or possibly impacting directly.

If Dorian is a direct hit, the mountains will likely degrade the storm strength significantly and north coast should not be in the danger zone.

More updates to follow as the week progresses.

Caribbean lifestyle


Inspired by this image of a beautiful and simple outdoor shower - the Caribbean lifestyle is all about the outdoors. From the beach to the pool and back again. If you find yourself in need of rinsing off after a day at the ocean, enjoy an outdoor shower at your villa. At LOE we enjoy constant onshore ocean breezes, along with unmatched views, each villa is equipt with an outdoor shower that enjoys the same views and Caribbean breeze.

Live the dream…

Weekend poolside inspiration


Weekend vibes by the pool with Caribbean ocean views. We are inspired by this Caribbean pool/oceanside villa with a causal island lifestyle.

We are fortunate at LOE to have unobstructed views of the Caribbean ocean and villa poolside views like this inspired image.

It is this unique mix of a sloping hillside property that leads down to a private beach that allows for every villa to enjoy the calm of a private pool and the stunning vistas of the Dominican coastline and ocean. All from the comfort of your villa.

Happy weekend everyone

Water sports at LOE


We are very fortunate at LOE to have an amazing beach and bay at our doorstep. The tranquil waters of our beachfront allows for all varieties of water sports. Sea kyacking is an ideal sport for everyone. From the kyackers vantage point you can see all the abundant ocean life or enjoy the coast lush landscapes or simply paddle out at sunset and watch nature’s early evening light show.

North coast sailing paradise.


Sailing on the costa Norte is nothing new. Columbus famously anchored in what is now know as LUPERON. It was named Bahia de Gracias by Christopher Columbus, then Pueblo Blanco and finally Luperon.

Suffice to say, there is incredible sailing all over the north coast. From clear blue waters, small islands and many beautiful white sand beaches and coral reefs.

The bay of Luperon, which can be partially screen from LOE, is the only safe harbor for US insurance companies during the winter storm season.

We are planning weekly sunset and day sailing from both Luperon and our own beach boat launch dock.

Happy sailing.

Exceptional luxury value.

Villa Begonia. 3bed/3Bath.


Luperon Ocean Estates offers luxury villas with various sizes and configurations at exceptional values. All our villas are offered with pools, landscaping, kiosko and options with all offerings for your particular needs. Luxury in our brand means high quality of materials, generous layouts, kitchens and baths with recognizable high standards. Considerate of Caribbean lifestyles, energy efficiency and user friendly as well as highly rentable. Luxury is build to last and comfort for all who enter.

Value in luxury is a missing link. We understand that the average home price in the US is currently $345,000. As reported by This figure is not classified as luxury but simply an average home sale price in 2019. By comparison the average price for luxury properties in Miami is $750/sq.ft.

Couple this with our ability to build and construct high quality luxury villas on the island of Dominican Republic with exceptional standards and offer these at values far lower than any other beach front/ocean view locations anywhere in North America.

We you dream of an ocean front island lifestyle home - LOE is the smart choice. Privacy, luxury and value for your investment, family and travel lifestyle.

Villas complete with landscaping, pool, kiosko and furnishings from $160-$190/sq.ft.

Live the dream at Luperon Ocean Estates.

Tourism bounces back


Tourism bounces back 
Paola Rainieri, the president of the National Tourism & Hotels Association (Asonahores), says travel in June was down 2.5% but is recovering. During a visit to Adriano Miguel Tejada, executive editor of Diario Libre newspaper, Rainieri said that the falloff was manageable. The decline is attributed to effects of the US press and social media persistent coverage of the spat of tourist deaths in the eastern region, despite there being nothing out of normal. 

Rainieri said that what is important is that the hotel bookings are returning to normalcy. "This is a clear sign we are in a recovery process," she said. She acknowledged the lower numbers in June will affect the year-end figures.

Tourism up 4.8% year to date.

Reported by DR1


Travel up 4.8% this year, new routes from Calgary and Helsinki to Punta Cana
Travel for the first half of the year to the Dominican Republic was up 4.8%. There were some 7,939,942 air arrivals and departures from January to June 2019, as reported by the Statistics Division of the Dominican Civil Aviation Board (JAC). An additional 362,800 passengers were transported this year. 

Over the first six months of the year, March stands out with a record 1,475,731 passengers. January was the second busiest month, with 1,424,799 passengers. 

Punta Cana International was the busiest airport, with 4,238,800 passengers mobilized through the terminal. 

The airlines servicing the most passengers to and from the Dominican Republic were JetBlue, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines. 

Luis Ernesto Camilo, president of the JAC, said that the good news is that new routes continue to be added from destinations all around the world. He announced that West Jet will be flying from Calgary to Punta Can and Finnair will be flying from Helsinki to Punta Cana.