Custom Villa Shown

Custom Villas


ยท MINIMUM LOT SIZE 1801M2 / 19385SQFT

For every lot and location within our community of home sites, there are 6 villa types offered that can all be 

customized to suit the needs of every site and every family requirement.  We encourage you to dream and explore all the options that can be developed for your site and your villa.  Maximize your luxury experience and strong rental community, work with our design team to create the perfect Caribbean villa.  Our team will ensure that all the assets of your site are utilized and deployed to craft the best possible views, natural air flow and solar use.  Make your dreams come true. Enjoy the good life.

Disclaimer: All homes have various differences. From the site location to the options and variations the home owner will choose.  All prices noted above are based on current prices.  You individual home price will be estimated in full with your choices on size, style, materials and options chosen.