Living and Owning property in the Dominican Republic

Property ownership by foreigners in the Dominican Republic is same as for citizens of the Dominican Republic.  Simple and very similar to that in North America.  All properties in Luperon Ocean Estates are held in a persons name or in a company name.  This choice can be made with your lawyer as taxes will vary. Taxes are typically one percent of the assessed value of the land and built home. Square meters of a home included all covered areas such as carports and terraces.  Luperon Ocean Estates offers fully serviced lots with connection to underground electric, water and cable services.  

We have and maintain high standards of construction and building methods.  All our villas must be approved by the developers of Luperon Ocean Estates for the size and configuration on each lot for the complience with HOA guidelines and maintaining lines of sight. Customized options for our standard villas are available and custom villas designed for specific client needs are available for our largest "estate lots".  

We are a full turn-key design-build company. Our team of master architect and builder will craft your dream Villa.  With shared resources and larger purchasing power we are able to provide current building prices that average $1,500/sq. meter or $150.00 dollars per square foot.